Riverside Mission Inn Wedding Photos| Riverside, Ca Photographer

I will apologize in advance for my grammar. I have never been very good at it. I think I fell asleep during that lesson at Jackson Elementary school. Maybe now that I'll be writing a blog I will take some writing classes. With all the texting I do, my spelling isn't as good as it used to be either. But I digress... So what shall I post first.... How about photographs from a recent wedding at Riverside's Mission Inn.

My First photograph is from Dawne and Kevin's wedding. (I'll be posting more later. I'm just excited to post something now) Dawne was crying tears of joy and laughing all night. She'd laugh a little and cry a little. Laugh some more and cry some more. You could feel the energy of their love for each other so intensely. It was permeating every corner of the Music room of The Mission Inn. Thank-you Kevin and Dawne for inviting me to share " in the best day of your life" as Dawne said when we were riding in the elevator to take some night shots.

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