Can you feel the buzz...

Rock the vote(just rock the vote baby) rock the vote and dont tip the polls over!
Its Election day and I feel the buzz in the air.
I started experiencing some major voter angst last night after I found out I no longer had a polling place and I was now in the mail only category....but I never recieved a ballot. I woke up early and decided I was going to figure it out. Eventually I was able to get a ballot and vote. In California we have some very important propositions on the ballot and I am so happy i was able to make my voice heard. ;) I got my sticker and my free coffee at starbucks. Yay!
The lines were not long at all actually I was second in line so I didn't really wait at all. Have a wonderful day everybody. I cant wait for the evening to get all comfy with dinner and watch the news.. for now im off to work.

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