Ladies who lunch

Recently since launching my new website and blog, I realized I seriously needed some updated head shots. With little time and a limited budget, I once again recruited my best friend of 17 years. She was in town and before heading over to Pho Vinam for some lunch we did a quick 10 min photo shoot.

and of course I had to snap some of her

Thats her in action

and some silly ones



Lydia said...

The 3rd one down of your friend is awesome!

chatti said...

i love how you mixed the real headshots with the "photobooth one" or what is that program called? bah! thanks for the blog love. yea! I love looking at new blogs so I'm glad you came over. I'll be cheering you along the way. Best of luck!

Chatti @

Oana Hogrefe said...

I love the one of you in color.