Winner~Upland Ca Family Photographer

~Giving Is Awesome-Winner

Congratulations to Jasmine White ;)... Jasmine you are an inspiration for your perseverance through life's obstacles and your giving and beautiful open heart.
I just got of the phone with Jasmine and she was truly surprised and thankful for the gift from her friend Sherita. She kept asking "So I don't have to pay anything?" "No its a gift and you are the winner I said"
I want to say that I was so touched by all the entries and also the people who were doing the nominating..what great friends you are..

Thank-you Kristen Kalp for this amazing project that you started.

Here are some last minute photo shoots I did right before x-mas first up we have the Vandergalian family they just wanted a quick photo for their x-mas card

Next up is The Lemus Family

Merry Late Christmas to everyone. :)

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