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I'm gearing up for WPPI its my first time going and I am so excited...here is a video with some of the photographers that will be speaking...also I don't have a roommate and my guest most likely will not be able to go..so if you would like to join me shoot me an e-mail. I am most likely flying in since southwest has flights at 50% off..

....post this video on your blog and go for free in ..2010 ;)
For more details go to http://fstopbeyond.tv/?page_id=197


Cathy Crawley said...

I'm coming to Vegas too! I'm so excited, it's my first trip over seas :)

GJ Spiller Photography said...

wppi is so fun! i will have to miss out this year. but i may go to the business institute on the weekend! have fun!

(btw: thanks for the comment on my blog)