25 random facts about me~Riverside, Ca Photographer

~25 random facts about me

1.) I am fascinated by life and people
2.) I love going to Disney land and just people watch on Main street
3.) I really like lady Gaga these days
4.) "The soul" is my favorite thing to talk about and I can sit & talk about it for hours and hours
5.) The average chocolate bar has 8 insects' legs in it.
6.) John Lennon was my favorite Beatle and I'm sad he is not around :(
7.) I enjoy hanging out by myself, going out to dinner, watching a movie, traveling
8.) I'm happy, content, grateful for life and in love.
9.) when I was a little girl I used to wear dresses (made by my mom) everyday and my 3rd grade teacher would move me to the front of the line because of my pretty dresses.
10.) when I was a kindergartner I was in a little modeling contest, modeling a red velvet dress my mother made. The top was velvet and the skirt was pleated with shiny material
11.) One day a photographer was going door to door with a pony and my mother had me put on that dress and get on the horse and put on a cowgirl hat. The dress did not go with the pony and hat but whatever...
12.) I have a little brother that is 7 years old
13.) I'm pretty private when it comes to my romantic relationship
14.) I hate when the ends of the feathers in my goose down comforter poke me
15.) Im bad at spelling and typing and grammar
16.) when I was little I wanted to be a big bad business women that wore a suit and wore my hair in an updo and carried a brief case
17.)when I was little I didn't like people telling me what to do. I didn't like being a kid and couldn't wait to grow up.
18.) my father is my biggest hero..I admire his humility and generosity and unconditional love. & aspire to be more like him.
19.) I worry that these social networking sights straighten the ego..
20.) listening to myself when I was 14 and pursuing my curiosity for photography was the best decision I have ever made.
21.)If your stomach didn't produce a new layer of mucous every two weeks, it would digest itself.
22.) I am addicted to social networking sites like twitter, meetup, facebook, blogs and my google reader.
23.) I like random facts
24.) I get really irritated by eating noises like banana noise, chewing on ice and gum chewing. Specially when people chew gum toward the front part of the mouth and you can see it or when they keep popping it or when they set it somewhere before they eat and then pop it back in their mouth later... :-/
25.) I like the noise macaroni and cheese makes when you are mixing it


Inland Empire Wedding Photographer, Riverside Ca

Quote of the day

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
Friedrich Nietzsche


Chapman Chapel Wedding Photos: Amber+Joseph~Anaheim Wedding Photographer


~Joseph & Amber

He loves Christmas's with her. She finds him irresistibly hot. They are meant for each other and it showed in the way they glanced and laughed with each other all day. It was a day filled with emotion, romance and laughter.
Together they were one of the funnest couples I've had the privilege to spend a whole day with. I couldn't wait to see everyone. This crowd knows how to get down. Lets here it for Amber and Joseph! Holla!
Amber and Joseph thank-you. Thank-you for the opportunity to be in the presence of so much love. The love you have for each other, and the love you share with your family.
Wedding held at

Chapman Chapel
1532 W Yale Ave Orange, CA 92867-3446
(714) 998-2972

looking good...

They were Married at Chapman Chapel
cool as a cucumber~


best friend/wedding coordinator :)

Chapman Chapel has sentimental significance for Joseph. His Mother was also Married there.awwe this part
made me cry...had to cover my face with my camera ;)

stealing a moment

Amber...I want to learn your dance moves girl...

love the colors

stealing another moment...

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What it Means to be American~Inland Empire Family Photographer

~What It Means To be American

I imagine tomorrow I will be very emotional and proud. Barack Obama will be sworn in as the first black president of the United States. What a proud moment for the United States of America!

I have always been proud to be an American. It is something that was instilled in me by my father and mother. To be American means that I am free and fortunate to have the opportunities that I have. Personally I feel had I not been born here I would not have the same freedom available to me. And being that I am a first generation American I do not take it for granted. Being American to me means I have the freedom to speak my mind, I have the freedom to wake up and ask " now what do I want to do with my day?" and do what I decide. I have the freedom to worship God in the religion I choose or not at all. I have the freedom to dream and work towards my dreams.

When I was born I was raised in the projects in Casa Blanca, Riverside. Later my parents where able to move us out and in to a small 2 bedroom house we rented. I was 6 when we moved. My mother was very protective that we get the best upbringing she could afford us and so I was bused out to a school where I was the only Hispanic child in the class. I did not speak English and would not be fluent until the 4th grade. ( my dad was adamant I not be taught in no ESL for me)I remember being in class in 3rd grade and my teacher saying the word church, I raised my hand and asked "what is church?"and all the kids laughed. Now, I knew what a church was, I went to church every Sunday and to catechism every Saturday. Two of my aunts are nuns. I just didn't know what the word meant. I also remember being in first grade and needing to use the restroom or get a drink of water and not knowing how to ask. I would listen closely at how the other children asked then I would raise my hand and mimic what they said. & I remember my teacher Mrs. Ibes(who looked like Samantha from bewitched =)..) saying "very good Lucia, very good!". I cant say that I have had traumatic experiences with racism...but I do remember a little boy named Perry taunting me in the 4th grade and saying " I went to the ponderosa for dinner last night..what diiiiiiiiiiiid you eat? Beans and rice?" & well he was right I had eaten beans and rice & for some reason I felt embarrassed of that. ( I still eat beans & rice all the time, except now its brown rice instead of Spanish rice for the health benefits ;)
Most recently I remember going to Paris and wanting to purchase a yoplait yogurt from the hotel kitchen and being told I wasn't allowed to purchase one. ( I was traveling under a specific package) a fellow American who heard me asking in my high school french, got me one and then I was given a tongue lashing in french. Something along the lines of "you Americans are so entitled and feel you can have what ever you want." I love traveling and missing my country. :P

I wish I could stay home tomorrow and take the day off to participate in the inaugural event, but part of being American is that we work hard and all the time. We don't take siestas and businesses are not closed from 2-4 for a nap. & you know what? That's alright with me, because I love my work ;)

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Quote of the day~Irvine Family Photographer

~Quote of the day

Does anyone else enjoy these google graphics as much as I do? I get surprised every time I see a new one. I really liked the one they had at the beginning of the year with the giraffes and elephants too. =) ... by the way if you are wondering bride wars was very funny. Alexis and I had a great time watching it. I especially get excited about anything related to weddings.

and now for the quote of the day
"All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Homework~Irvine Wedding Photography


Tonight I will be a good little wedding photographer and do some homework. My best friend Alexis and I are going to go see Bride Wars tonight. Since I'm a wedding photographer its my duty to see every wedding related movie, read wedding magazines and look at all the celebrity wedding tabloids... right? ;)


Quote of the day~Fullerton Wedding Photographer

~Quote of the day

Sneek peak of my super cool bride...coming up

If you get down and quarrel everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil, I say. ~Bob Marley

This is what I have been busy with this week. It seems like at every wedding I take more pictures than the last :-(....maybe I should have made a resolution to shoot less. Or maybe I will pick up my film camera a little bit more at weddings..When I used to shoot film almost every shot counted. It was more deliberate. Now it seems with digital its all so fast and click,click,click non-stop. I can take a zillion pictures of the shoes or the rings.


Quote of the day~Santa Ana Wedding Photographer

~Quote of the day

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.
Denis Waitley

Today I read that Furgie and Josh Duhamel were spotted honeymooning at the Reethi Rah One in the Maldives. Instantly I started to day dream. Ive always been a day dreamer....So I said to myself snap out it Lucy...& that was my inspiration for today's quote. I have lots to be grateful for and I don't need to be in the Maldives to be happy =)....
My best friend Alexis and I call it "destination addiction" if only I had a bigger house,more money, skinnier body, vacations to exotic places, fill in the blank ____. Then I would be happy. Its not true. I can be happy right here right now.

p.s. I didn't want another post without a photo so I pulled this one from the Vault. The brides name is Gina and I photographed her a few years ago. Her wedding was held at the Mitten Building in Redlands. Check out their website.Its a excellent venue for weddings.


Quote of the day~Costa Mesa Wedding Photographer

~Quote of the day

If the family were a fruit, it would be an orange, a circle of sections, held together but separable - each segment distinct. ~Letty Cottin

Family Photos Alahambra: Ramirez Family|Alahambra Family Photographer


Now I love taking pictures. I love photography of course...but Its my affection for people. People's loved ones and the relationships they have that inspires me to photograph.Personally I do not have any baby photos of myself. I cant say that I am really bothered by it, but I am curious and wonder what I looked like when I was a little newborn. My first picture was taken at my 1st b-day party and I only have 1. My parents are not big photo people and so the amount of photos we have of my sisters and I growing up are pretty skimpy. Now I might be being biased because I can never get enough. I like having loads and loads of pictures of everything and everyone I love in my life..(ask my family how annoying I can be =)..) I am also a big believer that nothing is an accident and if I was meant to be a photographer then perhaps this was a determining factor in my life that lead me down this photography path....I love so much and makes me so its all good =). This photo shoot I did for the Ramirez family I will go ahead and say I was envious. I wish my parents had hired someone or would have taken pictures with me like Debbie and Frank had me do with little Anthony and his grandparents...but for me to be the one to preserve these moments and get to spend an afternoon a privelege..Thank-you!

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Quote of the day ~Southern Ca Child Photographer

~Quote of the day
'Success is not something to be flippant about because it can easily go away. It is so much about timing. ~ Leonardo Dicaprio

Oh I just thought this quote was so good. It seems as though we are always chasing success and its nice to be reminded that its important to be humble and grateful for all that we have right now. Have a wonderful day everyone....up next.....