25 random facts about me~Riverside, Ca Photographer

~25 random facts about me

1.) I am fascinated by life and people
2.) I love going to Disney land and just people watch on Main street
3.) I really like lady Gaga these days
4.) "The soul" is my favorite thing to talk about and I can sit & talk about it for hours and hours
5.) The average chocolate bar has 8 insects' legs in it.
6.) John Lennon was my favorite Beatle and I'm sad he is not around :(
7.) I enjoy hanging out by myself, going out to dinner, watching a movie, traveling
8.) I'm happy, content, grateful for life and in love.
9.) when I was a little girl I used to wear dresses (made by my mom) everyday and my 3rd grade teacher would move me to the front of the line because of my pretty dresses.
10.) when I was a kindergartner I was in a little modeling contest, modeling a red velvet dress my mother made. The top was velvet and the skirt was pleated with shiny material
11.) One day a photographer was going door to door with a pony and my mother had me put on that dress and get on the horse and put on a cowgirl hat. The dress did not go with the pony and hat but whatever...
12.) I have a little brother that is 7 years old
13.) I'm pretty private when it comes to my romantic relationship
14.) I hate when the ends of the feathers in my goose down comforter poke me
15.) Im bad at spelling and typing and grammar
16.) when I was little I wanted to be a big bad business women that wore a suit and wore my hair in an updo and carried a brief case
17.)when I was little I didn't like people telling me what to do. I didn't like being a kid and couldn't wait to grow up.
18.) my father is my biggest hero..I admire his humility and generosity and unconditional love. & aspire to be more like him.
19.) I worry that these social networking sights straighten the ego..
20.) listening to myself when I was 14 and pursuing my curiosity for photography was the best decision I have ever made.
21.)If your stomach didn't produce a new layer of mucous every two weeks, it would digest itself.
22.) I am addicted to social networking sites like twitter, meetup, facebook, blogs and my google reader.
23.) I like random facts
24.) I get really irritated by eating noises like banana noise, chewing on ice and gum chewing. Specially when people chew gum toward the front part of the mouth and you can see it or when they keep popping it or when they set it somewhere before they eat and then pop it back in their mouth later... :-/
25.) I like the noise macaroni and cheese makes when you are mixing it

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Julie Ann said...

i love reading peoples' random facts. and what's funny is that i also have a picture with a cowgirl hat on a pony from when the man with the horse came to my house! too funny!