Laguna Beach Wedding Photos~ Inland Empire Family Photographer Judy + Erik


pics from Judy's wedding

Meet my fabulous friend Judy Bodden. I photographed her wedding about 5 years ago. We have become friends since. I love it when a bride becomes a friend. Judy has also become a photographer since. I also love it when a bride becomes a photographer. That is how we became friends. We both share a passion for photography. Also I photographed Judy when she was pregnant with baby Christian ( you can view the photos on my website under the gallery Maternity click here and a couple months ago we went out and photographed each other. She did pictures of Eddie and I. And Eddie and I photographed the family. We had so much fun. However it was pretty ambitious of us to try and do two photo shoots on the same day with a baby and all, but we worked it out.. Oh yes and all the editing was by Judy. Thanks Judy you rock.

some of the pictures we shot.

some of the pictures Judy shot. Thanks Judy :)


Karen said...

You look so pretty in the last photo. =] (I think that's you?)

Julie Ann said...

cute photos! i love the feet one...adorable!

INDchick said...

love the one with you walking down the center divider.

Judy Bodden said...


You should use the headshot on your website. I love that one!

Michelle Johnson said...

Cool shots Lucy!

Kim Garcia said...

Great images. I love the one of the couple in the tall grass. Very cool.