Quote of the day~ Riverside,Ca Photographer

This isn't really a quote its more a inspirational video. I just love these TED conference presentations. The first one I saw was one by the author of My Stroke of Insight by Ph.D., Jill Bolte Taylor...after that I was hooked. I also posted one a while back about how photography will be bringing us closer together in the future.
This one by Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray Love is about inspiration...I love the frankness that she speaks with. & I so related to this.

Everyday on my way to work for the last couple of months, I drive by this field by a river where the Yorba Linda fires in the fall burned so many trees and homes. Amongst the burned trees life started to spring back. At first it was bright green baby grass amongst the black burned trees, now the grass has turned into bright yellow wild flowers. Everyday that I drive by this field and river I feel tortured as I am on my way to work and can't pull over and photograph it.
I guess I should tell my inspiration " I know, I Know! But cant you see that I am on my way to work now! Go find someone else to shoot this. Then I feel scared that someone else took my idea. Yet it isn't MY idea. Its an Idea that came through me from inspiration...Not from ME. But through me. Maybe looking at it like that may help relieve a little bit of the burden.

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