Pet Photos Mt Rubidoux: Sad Dog~Rialto, Ca Pet Photographer

No he's not sad...he just has a hard time letting his guard down and doesn't appreciate it when I make him lye down in a public place. He rather be barking at complete strangers, lying down is a submissive position and he didn't appreciate me making him stay or sit he wanted to run around and scope the place out. After I got a couple good pictures of him, I let him do his doggy thang....

I had so much fun taking Bowie out for a photo shoot I decided to take Jonze yesterday, We had a great time. After a while Jonze started to relax. I love my dogies so much, they bring so much love, laughter to my life.

ready to pounce

awwwe a smile

Not happy

Watch out Dog World magazine, I have your new cover model

In case you are wondering Jonze is a pitt bull/lab mix

is it me or is he just not the most handsome dog ever!

What a good boy, good dog Jonze


Karen said...

Eep, pit bull mix?! Haha, pit bulls scare me. I've seen so many of them go crazy when they see other dogs. But Jonez looks adorable!

Mark Brooke Photographers said...

So cute! I love it! My dog is so hard to take photos of, I wish I could just get her to sit still.