Meet my little sister Carolina, I week after returning from Barbados she called me to schedule her day after shoot.. as she felt to rushed on the day of her dinner party and wanted some relaxed photos of themselves. I love doing day after shoots, because you dont have any time constraints and you get to wear your dress again and also get some awesome photographs.... Will and Carolina exchanged vows in San Francisco. They had a little dinner party the day before they left to San Fran.
I will be posting those photos at a later date. Here are a few of my favorites

This is where we started

Then we made our way down to the beach
whoops carolina dropped one of Will's favorite pair of shoes in the ocean...
but she saved the day and was able to retrieve it ;)
On our way to dinner we caught a couple more
my favorite :)

Congratulations Caro...I wish you guys much joy and happiness for many many many years to come.....ok Im not going to get all sappy on my blog today ;)
I love you guys!!!!

Oh and the quote of the day
"When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out." - Elizabeth Bowen


INDchick said...

thank you so much sis! I love you.wor

Toronto and Barrie Wedding Photographer said...

Really beautiful images of this couple.

Karen said...

Your sister is beautiful! Awesome photos of the couple. =]

erinTphotography said...

Fabulous chickie!

Lia Negrete said...

I love these pictures of your sister. Awesome. you are taking my engagements of me and my future love (-: