Detox Day 3: Raw Food Photos| Recipies

vegan raw nori rolls and greens with sprouts and seeds raw barley salad

They detox is going steady, I started to feel nausea and I got a pretty bad headache yesterday which lets me know my body is going into detox now eliminating impurities. Everything I am eating is organic & raw vegan. That means no sugar, no salt, no meat, no dairy, no preservatives chemicals or food coloring, its all natural. I will also be giving up my phone and Internet starting tomorrow until Friday but if I get on a roll hopefully til Sunday... so if you need to get a hold of me call me today otherwise I will be getting back to everyone on Monday, thank-you in advance for your support and understanding. ;)
salad,salsa, raw crackers, greens, mung bean & fenugreek sprouts, seeds and raw pumpkin dressing

getting ready for a cucumber,avocado dip


then I will be kicking it into high gear for the next 2 days on a vegetable juice fast

chard,beat,spinach, cucumber and squash...it changes everyday with different veggies I usually drink this on a regular basis and even got my mom hooked on it ;)

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Karen said...

Here I am eating a Big Mac, and I see these photos. I feel so bad now...haha.

Good luck with your detox!