Detox: Riverside, Ca Photographer

So I know this is last minute but I have a week that is pretty light and my day job is going through transitions right now so it was the perfect time. I am taking a week off starting today and doing a raw food detox. The phone and interenet will be shut down for 3 days wed-fri. I'm shutting it down and getting back to nature for a couple days. I did this last year and I am due for another one, my no eating out diet last month didn't go so well, I think I ate out more than usual :-/. Which made me realize I am addicted to all the cruddy food. Wish me luck and I will let you know my progress. The best place to e-mail me at is lucialucia at tmail dot com, I write it in this format so I do not get spam.

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patrice Nelson said...

hmmmm. how is it going?