Cal Baptist Engagement Photos Shaan+Angela~Riverside, Ca Wedding Photographer


Wow~things are getting hairy around here now that I am in the thick of it with weddings, as always the best way to contact me right now is text message, I respond the quickest to text... I have so many great shoots I have been doing that, I wish I could blog, but right now it seems blog everything. However I do have a lovely couple for you Shaan and Angela, adorable ;)
I really do have the best job in the world.. I get to hangout with awesome couples that are in love and happy, like Shaan and Angela :) and my nosiness gets quenched because I get to ask all about how they met and about all the details,I love hearing the story...

Angela and Shaan met at Cal baptist at the computer lab, they fell in love, graduated together with he same degree and now even work together... so we went back to Cal Baptist for their engagement pictures here are some of my favorites...

Cal Baptist University is a great location for engagment photos

Shaan likes to tease Angela :)

love this one

and this one...

thats where they met awwwe~

and Angela knows how to tease him right back ;)

and todays quote of the day

“Faith makes all things possible.... love makes all things easy."


judy said...

Nice job Lucy.

My Ayervedic Journey said...

i like your logo on the photos!