Last weekend I was a guest at my dear friends Josh and Lorena's wedding. Like a big wierdo I got to the wedding one hour before it was set to start. I couldn't help it. I just...I just wanted to make sure. I cant even remember the last time that I went to a wedding and I was a guest. Even at my cousins wedding I was the maid of honor/ photographer..
As soon as I arrived and saw photographer Kevin Wynn of Kevin Wynn Photography in action (lots of photos on his site) thats when it hit me that I could just have a good time :D
I could shoot if I wanted, but I didn't have to, h'orderves?? dont mind if I do, thank-you..mingle during cocktail hour instead of shooting the family formals. Stand in the beverage line, instead of shooting romantic pictures...yay~! It was so nice to sit back and enjoy myself. I had a wonderful time catching up with friends and seeing everyone together again. I did bring my cameras but not all my lenses and flash and all that. The wedding was held at the picturesque Green Mountain Ranch in Lytle Creek.

I loved all the bright colors, specially the bridesmaid dresses

Lorena you did an awesome job on all the details

Lytle Creek is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest.

I loved this shot

All the friends

Lia is one of my best friends..she is also a talanted make up artist..check her out at beauty by

Green Mountain Ranch also has a lake

Lorena was a stunning bride

The hansdome couple Eddie and I

I didnt even try.. ;)

but Eddie did..

It was a great night. Thanks Lorena and Josh Love you guys~

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Petru said...

Nice work

Anonymous said...

i love the pic of eddie dancing! haha! (this is lex)