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I used to drink these everyday twice a day. Well before I was juicing and lately to save on veggies I have decided to make smoothies instead. The only problem I am not making them enough.
I miss all the benefits that come with drinking my smoothies 3 times a day. Bright white eyes, shinier hair, a flatter tummy, and lots of energy. I went vegetable shopping monday and today is friday and its the first one I have made all week. doh! But hey why am I focusing on that? At least I started today of right. right? But one thing I am thinking about, is blogging more about my smoothies and the recipes. That will keep me motivated to keep it up. One thing I am grateful for though, is that I have done it enough times this winter that I have not had a cold or a flu...yay..holla

my recipe today was: celery, lemon, blueberries,turnip, collard greens, and cucumber

Oh yea and today's quote of the day....

"If the grass is greener on the other side, then water your own"


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Judy said...

Can't wait to try one!

Brent Pilgrim said...

Maybe I should get into these instead of blogging about my fave junk foods!